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Complete Version WJ V 0.04f for Word97 (2002-08-06, 102709 Bytes, ca. 100,30 KB)
Template only WJ V 0.04f Template (2002-08-06, 87308 Bytes, ca. 85,26 KB)
Template for both Chinese and Japanese
(Needs WritJap97 and WritChin97 , latest version, installed)
ChinJap V WC09996z4-WJ004f template (2002-08-06, 236248 Bytes, ca. 230,71 KB)


One source for the Japanese characters was the "Skript für die Sprachkurse Japanisch I-III der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz" (script for language courses Japanese I-III of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz), compiled by Marion Grein, Eva v. Schlabrendorff and Keiko Wiskamp (February 2000), and Langenscheidt's "Handbuch und Lexikon der japanischen Schrift - Kanji und Kana 1 - Handbuch" ("Handbook and dictionary of Japanese characters - Kanji and Kana 1 - Handbook)", Berlin: Langenscheidt, 4. Edition, 2000, ISBN 3-468-49388-6.

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The author cannot guarantee that the software is free of faults, nor that the data contained are complete or free of errors. He can only emphasize that he wrote this software for his own use, that he tried hard to wipe out all defects that he found, and that he entered the translations diligently. Besides, he does not intend to spread any computer virus or anything alike. Still, he cannot guarantee that no virus has found its way into this software.

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